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What is your style of photography?

Candid and in-the-moment. I love to make people feel comfortable, confident, and happy with their sessions. I won't be focusing on "say cheese" portraits or middle school yearbook poses but instead making sure you at least laugh at one of my dad jokes so I can capture your genuine smile. My editing is straightforward and an emphasis on natural color, but I love to throw in an edit for you with a fun preset or black and white filter on :)

Where do your sessions take place?

Anywhere you want! Find a cool place on Instagram or TikTok? Then, let's go on an adventure and try something new!

What if your friend or significant other aren't into it?

Don't worry - this happens more often than you would expect! It's okay :) I will always provide activities, jokes, prompts, & conversations to ensure everyone is enjoying their time and smiling as big as they can!

How long is turnaround for your edited photos?

As soon as possible (average 3 days). I wouldn't say I like to procrastinate. Also, if I were to get my photos taken, I would be so impatient to see how they turned out, so I promise I won't make you wait too long!